Officina Bernardi is a brand owned by the holding company Chrysos spa, a leading company in manufacturing and exporting gold and silver chains worldwide.

Officina Bernardi has achieved success and recognition with its Moon, a small bead, made of gold and silver. This bead gives a unique brightness to the jewels with its special diamond cutting, similar to a moon. In different colours and shapes, the Moon bead is both the compositional unit and the distinctive trait of the Officina Bernardi jewellery.

The Gothic Mars collection is an imaginative and multifaceted line. The oval bead is finely manufactured creating honeycomb facets that reflect the light. Two different beads that together create a beautiful combination, aristocratic, similar to the luxury and grandeur in the gothic buildings.

The Moon collection symbolizes the Officina Bernardi brand. The name comes from the moon cutting, typical of this bead, unique for its elegance. This special cutting creates a beautiful effect, both in the gold and silver collection, with its lights and reflections.

The Tube collection enhances pure shapes combined with the Moon beads, creating a minimalist collection. The Tube style is pure and easy to be interpreted, without the need to add other elements.